Corporate videos

Connect with your audience by revealing your brand’s mission, vision, history, values, and more. Adding a personal touch to your narrative helps build meaningful engagement with your target audience.

Benefits of corporate videos

Humanize your brand

Foster a sense of trust and understanding by sharing what you stand for and building a stronger emotional bond with your target audience.

Capture the attention

Engage your audience by blending creative narration with compelling visuals, transforming even the most “boring” topics into captivating ones.

Brand awareness

Unforgettable and easily shareable, creative corporate videos can play a key role in elevating your company’s visibility and promoting awareness.

Why should you use corporate videos?

In today’s consumer landscape, trust and understanding play essential roles in brand preference. Customers seek out brands whose mission, vision, and values resonate with their own. However, merely conveying these elements through text often falls short of capturing attention. To address this, many brands are turning to corporate videos as a dynamic medium to not only communicate their core message but also actively engage their audience. This strategic shift not only boosts engagement but also leaves a lasting impression, making the brand more memorable in the eyes of the consumer.

What are the use cases for corporate videos?

Corporate videos can be utilized at every stage of the funnel. At the top of the funnel, they take the form of promotional videos (something like brand trailers). dedicated to introducing your brand, services, and value proposition, and briefly talking about your vision and mission. Their goal is to raise brand awareness. As we move down the funnel to the middle and bottom, corporate videos delve deeper into aspects such as your vision, mission, history, values, causes, and future plans. Their main role is to humanize your brand, fostering a connection that encourages potential buyers to relate and, in turn, take the next step, ultimately helping brands get more customers.

How we leverage corporate videos for your business?

We go beyond a typical “brand colors and logo” customization. We work with visual attention by highlighting key elements in the video and discerning what needs to be in the background and at the front. Combined with a powerful voiceover to deliver the message at the right moment to leave an impact, your video will be ingrained in the minds of the viewers.

How we utilize marketing knowledge in videos?

With our expertise in marketing and funnels, we craft corporate videos to complement the specific place in the funnel, such as the exact position on the landing page (leverage headlines, copy, buttons, etc.). By doing so we write the script and storyboard (and omit unnecessary words) to convey exactly what’s essential to get results. Moreover, we can A/B split test various CTA propositions, watch times, and other metrics to make sure you get back the ROI.



Lynxvideos was tasked to create a 30sec marketing video for our new product. They absolutely crushed it and delivered a high quality video that is straight to the point, visually appealing, and was done fast. I was impressed by the quality of the video and the communication.

Javier Montoya

CEO & Founder Lasvibras, Seattle, US


Lynxvideos delivered a high-quality, engaging video, which received positive feedback from the target audience. The team impressed us with their eagerness to go the extra mile to ensure our satisfaction and their out-of-the-box ideas that enhanced and brought our vision to life.

Ross Chipperfield

Director, UBInfrastructure, London, UK


Lynxvideos delivered the video on time and within budget. The team was responsive to the needs, questions, and requests. They communicated efficiently via virtual meetings and email. Overall, Lynxvideos produced a good video at a reasonable cost. I would highly recommend Lynxvideos to anyone!

Rylan Evans

CEO & Founder Sport Simple Stats, Utah, US


Manh and his team at Lynxvideos were extremely professional and responsive in working with the Markd Global team. They partner with you to create animated videos that convey a clear message to your audience. They have fine-tuned their process to ensure you have a brilliant result in the fastest time.

Sibon Schouten

Marketing Director & CMO at Markd Global, AU

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Showcasing social proof to a new skeptic market

In partnership with industry experts, Omnisurface has developed an antimicrobial coating boasting a remarkable 99.9% efficacy against viruses and bacteria, including the likes of Covid, MRSA, and Pneumonia.
While operating in Mexico, the business encountered skepticism due to the coating’s odorless and transparent nature, coupled with a lack of adequate equipment in local laboratories for verification.
To address this problem, we produced a video that not only emphasizes the benefits of the coating service but also dedicates the latter half to showcasing various social proofs, dispelling any doubts surrounding its authenticity.
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Explainer Video

Social proof

Health care




Mexican market


Increases conversions on the homepage by 13%

Increases conversions on warm outreach by 21%


Spicing up the cold outreach

HyperQube is a virtual infrastructure design studio empowering enterprises to construct and test complete environments without jeopardizing existing infrastructures.
HyperQube struggled with the unsatisfactory results in cold outreach and identified that the issue lies with a generic opening message. In a strategic move to revitalize engagement, HyperQube invested in a video to replace the initial message.
As a solution, we developed a short promo video with a to-the-point approach to instantly catch their attention to their problem and how HyperQube perfectly solves the issue.
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Corporate Videos

Social media

Cold outreach

Promo video

Landing page


Increases conversions in cold outreach by 17%

Increases conversions on the landing page by 7%


App explainer for a Texan Startup

UtilityON is a 2023 award-winning app streamlining complicated utility processes by helping you manage them all from an app for free.
The business struggled with conveying and showcasing its app and its benefits to its prospects in the cold outreach.
As a solution, we crafted a 1-minute video. The initial segment captures the frustration with complex utility procedures, setting the stage for the second part where we introduce UtilityON as the ideal solution, showcasing its features and user-friendly interface.
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Explainer Video

Social media

App explainer


Cold outreach

Corporate video


Increases conversions for cold outreach by 17%

Increases engagement on the homepage by 21%


Cutting down the text for a video

Eazimate, tailored for tradies and builders, redefines the quoting and workflow process, enabling users to concentrate on their passion.
The founders identified an engagement challenge on their business homepage and sought to address it by incorporating a video and minimizing text.
Our solution involved creating a character-driven script for the video, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the character’s experience. This not only helps engagement but also effectively communicates the platform’s primary benefits and value proposition.
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Explainer Video

Social media



Increases engagement on the homepage by 11%​

Increases engagement on social media by 15%