Ultimate guide – How to choose the right voice over for your video

In today’s digital landscape, video production stands as a cornerstone of effective marketing strategies, offering a dynamic way to communicate your message and captivate your audience. The magic lies in the combination of compelling visuals, immersive sound/music design, and the pivotal element – the voice over. This trio engages viewers on both visual and auditory levels, providing a more impactful experience than text or audio alone could achieve. In this guide, we’ll delve into one of these key components—the voice over. By understanding how to choose the right voice that resonates with your audience, and selecting the ideal voice over artist, you’re taking a crucial step in enhancing your video’s ability to engage and inspire.

Understanding the Target Audience

The process of selecting the right voice for an explainer video must take into account the specific characteristics and preferences of the target audience, as these factors significantly influence how the message is received and perceived. The demographic details such as age, gender, cultural background, and personal interests of the intended viewers are key determinants in this decision-making process. For example, younger audiences may be more inclined towards voices that are full of energy and enthusiasm, capturing their attention and reflecting their dynamism. On the other hand, an audience with a higher average age might find a voice imbued with depth, experience, and reliability more appealing, as it aligns with their values and expectations for credibility.

Understanding the audience’s cultural background is also essential, as it affects the emotional and cultural cues that the audience will respond to. A voice that understands and respects these nuances can greatly enhance the connection with the viewers, making the content more relatable and engaging.

Interests play a role too; for instance, a tech-savvy audience interested in the latest gadgets might appreciate a voice that sounds knowledgeable and cutting-edge, while an audience interested in wellness and mindfulness might respond better to a voice that is calming and nurturing.

Leverage Strategy: Use surveys, market research, and audience feedback to inform your voice selection. Tailoring the voice to match your audience’s profile increases relatability and message retention.

Brand Personality

Each brand embodies a distinct personality and tone—be it authoritative, playful, innovative, or caring. This unique character forms the core of the brand’s identity and should be reflected uniformly across all marketing channels, explainer videos included. The choice of voice-over plays a crucial role in bringing this personality to life, serving as the auditory embodiment of the brand. By carefully selecting a voice that aligns with the brand’s essence, businesses can infuse their explainer videos with a sense of identity and authenticity. This strategic alignment helps the brand stand out in a competitive landscape, fostering a memorable and engaging connection with the audience. 

Leverage Strategy: Create a comprehensive brand voice guideline that outlines the specific attributes and qualities your brand seeks to embody. This guide should serve as a foundational document for scriptwriting and the selection of professional voice over artists, ensuring consistency across all explainer videos with your brand’s identity.

Clarity and Articulation

The success of an explainer video depends significantly on how well the audience grasps the intended message. Achieving this clarity goes beyond mere correct pronunciation; it encompasses several critical factors such as pacing, enunciation, and particularly the skill to simplify and present complex information in a way that is easily digestible for the viewer. Pacing ensures that the information is delivered at a speed that allows the audience to comfortably follow along without feeling rushed or lagging behind. Proper enunciation makes sure that each word is pronounced clearly, reducing ambiguity and enhancing comprehension. Moreover, the ability to break down complicated concepts into understandable segments is crucial, as it ensures that the message is accessible to a wider audience, including those with no prior knowledge of the subject matter. This approach to clarity ensures that the explainer video conveys the intended message with precision and ease.

Leverage Strategy: Prioritize voice talents who have demonstrated expertise in delivering technical or complex information clearly. For projects that are both complex and extend over a longer period, we recommend requesting voice-over artists to provide a sample reading of your script. This will allow you to evaluate their clarity and articulation directly within the context of your project.

Emotional Connection

The impact of a voice-over on an explainer video’s emotional engagement is crucial. Emotions significantly influence viewer decisions, and a voice-over that connects emotionally can transform the video from simple information delivery into an engaging story. This emotional connection increases the video’s effectiveness, motivating viewers to take action, like making a purchase or signing up for a service.

Choosing a voice-over artist who can convey the intended emotion—whether it’s trust, excitement, or inspiration—is key to resonating with the audience. An emotionally charged voice, especially when coming from a professional voice actor, can make the brand feel more trustworthy or invigorating, depending on the emotion conveyed, thereby enhancing the viewer’s willingness to engage with the brand’s message.

Moreover, emotionally resonant content delivered through the perfect voice is more memorable and shareable, extending the video’s reach. It’s essential to understand the target audience’s values and challenges to select a voice-over that can empathize, creating a stronger brand-audience bond. In essence, the right voice-over artist does not just narrate; they transform the message into a compelling, emotionally engaging story that drives viewer action.

Leverage Strategy: Look for voice talents capable of nuanced emotional expression. Many voice-over artists are versatile, mastering multiple tones, so focus on finding those who align with your specific needs. Provide them with a detailed brief on the video’s emotional journey and specific moments where this connection should peak.

Language and Accent

The selection of language and accent in a video is crucial for ensuring its accessibility, inclusivity, and global appeal. The right accent can greatly enhance audience comprehension and information retention, while an unfamiliar or regional accent may hinder understanding and alienate some viewers. For content aimed at diverse or international audiences, choosing the appropriate language and accent is paramount. Utilizing native speakers not only lends authenticity to the content but also showcases cultural sensitivity, making the message resonate more effectively with the intended demographic.

Additionally, a thoughtful approach to language and accent selection can make a video more inclusive, inviting engagement from a wider audience. It demonstrates a brand’s commitment to diversity and its intent to communicate its messages as broadly as possible. For projects targeting multilingual audiences, this may involve producing several versions of the video, each customized to meet the linguistic preferences of different audience groups, thereby enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Leverage Strategy: When targeting specific audiences, it’s important to select an appropriate language and accent. For campaigns with a global reach, opting for a neutral accent or creating different video versions in various languages and accents can be effective. To enhance relatability and authenticity, incorporating regional slangs or colloquial expressions can also be beneficial.

Choosing the right gender for your video

When selecting a voice-over for your video, considering the gender of the voice talent can play a crucial role in connecting with your intended audience. The choice between a male or female voice should align with your brand’s identity, the message you wish to convey, and the preferences of your target demographic. For instance, certain products or services may resonate more when presented by a voice of a specific gender, depending on societal perceptions and the audience’s expectations. Additionally, leveraging gender in voice selection can also involve considering the psychological impact—studies suggest male voices are often perceived as authoritative, while female voices are considered nurturing. Understanding these nuances can help in choosing a voice-over that enhances message delivery and audience engagement.

Leverage Strategy: To effectively utilize gender in your voice-over strategy, begin by analyzing your target audience’s preferences and the nature of your product or service. If your offering aligns with qualities traditionally associated with masculinity or femininity, select a voice that embodies these characteristics.

Technical Quality

The technical quality of a voice-over is crucial for the professional look and effectiveness of an explainer video. Clear, high-quality audio ensures the message is easily understood without distractions. Background noise, muffled or distorted audio, and inconsistent audio levels can distract viewers, reduce engagement, and even prompt them to stop watching. Ensuring consistent and clear audio quality is key to maintaining viewer attention and effectively delivering the video’s message. These technical flaws not only distract the audience but also reflect poorly on the brand’s image, suggesting a lack of attention to detail or investment in quality production. 

Leverage Strategy: Require high-quality demo recordings and confirm the talent has access to professional recording equipment and environment. You can also consider working with talents who can provide post-production audio services for optimal sound quality.


Crafting an impactful explainer video requires careful consideration of several key elements, including the selection of the right voice-over talent. By understanding your target audience, aligning with your brand’s personality, ensuring clarity and emotional connection, and paying attention to language, accent, and technical quality, you can significantly enhance your video’s effectiveness. Following these strategies will not only engage and inspire your audience but also elevate your brand’s message, making your explainer video a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.

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