How to choose the right explainer video company

It’s no longer a secret that animated explainer videos have now become an important marketing tool for every business out there. From educating audiences and helping them to retain messages better, explainer videos can help you achieve your marketing goals seamlessly.

However, choosing the right explainer video company is critical. Here are the key factors you need to take into consideration to choose the best fit for your business.

Budget range

High quality video productions are not cheap and can cost thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars for a couple of minutes. The crucial element here is whether the production is template-made or custom-made. 

Ready-made templated works require less time and work to finish, therefore, these explainer videos are considerably more affordable. The downside is the predefined design which doesn’t allow too much flexibility, so you can not adjust every little detail of your brand.

On the other hand, some companies produce custom animated videos tailored specifically to your brand with original designs and brand personality. Because every single detail is drawn and animated from scratch, these types of videos require lots of time, and work and therefore are not the cheapest.

Quality and Expertise

An animated explainer video represents your brand across the web, on your landing page, social media sites, paid ads, etc., so it’s important to make a great first impression on your prospects. Therefore, the explainer video must be of high quality.

When considering an animated video company, take a look at their portfolio (usually on their websites) and evaluate whether their previous animations fit well with your brand’s needs. How do you like the visuals, story, and music? How does it make you feel?

There are many ways you can evaluate the quality. Here are some main areas to focus on:

The Story

An explainer video must convey a clear message, so take a minute to watch a few videos from the company you are evaluating, and, if you understand the message, it means the story was properly transmitted.

The story should also be engaging enough for you to want to watch it till the end. If you find it boring, then the story may not be very appealing (or any other aspects we will cover next).

Voice Over

The voiceover must always be done by a professional native speaker who is able to reflect the local language and tone. It’s also important to differentiate between various English accents or even regions depending on the target audience.


Since an explainer video must create a bond between the brand and its potential customers, the designs must be focused on the brand’s target audience. So, if the animated video uses characters, they should represent the brand’s target persona. Therefore, the age, gender, ethnic group, clothing, etc. of the character must match the characteristics of the brand persona. This will make the viewer feel that the video was made especially for them.

The backgrounds are also an important element that will help to build up the environment and to develop the plot. Where does your audience live? Where do they work? All of these elements will bring a more realistic identity to the character that the viewers will relate to.

But, this is not all. The colours used in the explainer video should be related to the colours of the brand. It’s a key factor for the viewer to relate the video with your brand, even when they are not on your site.

The Animation

Animation is an essential part of storytelling because it builds the personality of the characters and lets them transmit emotions that the viewer will relate to. The way a character walks, their expressions, their pauses, all of these elements transmit emotions to the audience and help to better develop the story of the video. 

If the characters are not well animated, the audience won’t be able to relate to the story and the video will lose effectiveness.

Communication and Work Process.

Some video production companies produce high quality videos, but they don’t communicate effectively with their clients which may result in a video that isn’t ideal. The right company should guide you throughout the process and let you participate in the production. That’s because no one knows your business better than you, so it’s important that you have a chance to give feedback. They should also give quick responses to your questions and queries.

Feedbacks and reviews

What kind of feedback has the company been given by its clients? You can check whether a company is reputable by looking at reviews, ratings, recommendations, and testimonials on their website, Linkedin profile, or Verifying testimonials can help you decide whether to hire the company.


When you are evaluating an explainer video company, take these factors into consideration. Choosing the right company to make a killer explainer video coupled with a functioning video marketing strategy will bring your company to new heights. There have been study cases in the past where a single video made them a fortune in revenue, so make your video count!

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