7 best places to put your explainer video

Animated videos bring many significant benefits to your business, however, first, it’s important to spread the word about your video so that many people can view it. Many businesses don’t focus on promoting their explainer videos which diminishes their effectiveness. At the end of the day, an animated explainer video is just a tool that you must know how to utilize. So, where should you place your explainer video for the best results?

Homepage/landing page

The most common practice is to put your explainer video on your homepage and landing page (sales page). That’s because visitors have a short attention span so businesses put animated videos there to immediately engage their prospects and explain your products and how it benefits them. This increases conversions, and dwell time, and reduces bounce rates which are important SEO factors to rank higher.

The placement here is very important. Not all visitors scroll down to watch the video, so the best position would be in the hero section (the top-most part of the page visible when opening the web without scrolling down). This ensures the best results.

Homepage is not the only place to embed your explainer on the website. You can also put your video on product pages to explain the benefits or on your “about us” page where you talk about your core values.

To entice your visitors, include a suitable thumbnail image with a big “play” button. Also, it’s recommended to upload the video on Vimeo or youtube and then embed it on your website, so that the video doesn’t slow down the page.

Paid ads

Paid ads are one of the best methods to immediately reach out and show the target audience your explainer video. Ideally, you would want to use explainers in every step of the sales funnel for best results.

Like with any other paid ads, it’s essential that you track and optimize the effectiveness of your video marketing campaigns. You can measure:

  • click through rate
  • bounce rate
  • call to actions
  • average view time

In general, sales funnels with videos almost always convert better than with just photos and images.

Social media

Simple and easy, social media is a must-have addition to your video marketing campaign. It’s free and can result in word-of-mouth marketing. In fact, according to the latest video marketing statistics, videos generate 12 times more shares than texts and images combined. Use YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms to gain widespread exposure. 

Almost all social channels have paid options for you to display your video to its users. Try to target your audience by investing some money to obtain new leads.


If you have a blog, consider embedding your video there. Not only will the article be more intriguing, but the video will also increase the relevancy of your post to google search engines, resulting in your post ranking higher. The reason for it is dwell time (the time visitors stay on your website) which is the longer the better. On average, great videos entice people to watch them till the end, thus making them stay longer. Moreover, the video itself can be found organically and direct viewers to your post.

Email marketing/Newsletter

These days everyone has endless piles of emails in their inboxes. That’s why marketers are trying to differ from the rest and improve conversions, so they embed videos in emails. And it works. Statistically, videos improve open rates and click through rates. The simple word “video” can increase open rates by 6%! One of the most common methods to add a video is to place a thumbnail and link it back to your site or attach the video directly to the mail. And like with paid ads, you can also keep track of important metrics and optimize them.

Press release

Be featured with your video in articles on numerous news sites at a single time for a fee. There are numerous businesses that cooperate with news sites in the country and can do that for you, just make sure to be featured on relevant sites which have lots of visitors. You can write an article about yourself or let experts do it for you! Press releases can give you a massive boost in exposure, relevancy, and search rankings.


Explainer videos don’t need to be restricted to customers. You can also put short videos in presentations to convey your ideas to partners, employees and investors during meetings. Or you can spice up your events and conferences with videos to keep the audience engaged and quickly explain difficult topics.


At the end of the day, a video is only a marketing tool. You can have the best video out there but if nobody sees it, then it’s pointless. Test out these methods but also be creative! Maybe connect with influential bloggers to post your video on their blogs or ask business partners to feature the video in their network. Think of new unique ideas to spread the word!

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