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How Lynxvideos leverage global context and human behavior in video production

Based in the heart of Central Europe, our dynamic team specializes in producing captivating videos that go beyond visual appeal. With a focus on video production spanning various video styles and a keen understanding of marketing, we seamlessly integrate the art of storytelling with strategic results.

Our videos are not only visually appealing but also prioritize practicality and effectiveness. Leveraging our marketing experience, we play with elements like colors, lighting, and power words to resonate with human behavior and maximize engage.

In the Czech Republic, the market is somewhat limited and isolated, so we decided to expand our reach to businesses worldwide. This outreach has allowed us to establish collaborations with companies from the USA, UK, AU, Canada, India, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, and many more.

With a diverse clientele spanning the globe, we understand that every business is truly unique, shaped not only by its business nature but also by factors such as target audience, cultural nuances, and political influences. This broad exposure has provided us with extensive insights into the diverse methods and approaches businesses employ to catch their target audience’s attention. Leveraging this knowledge and global context is essential to delivering results to your business.

One of the strong advantages we leverage and maximize in Lynxvideos for our clients is our internal Marketing and Web development brand Outgrow. Both entities operate as separate brands, but with the same owners, we leverage both teams to provide true comprehension for our global video clients.

With Outgrow in our background, it’s smooth to implement videos at the full scale, supporting marketing and other online activities.

Our commitment to you


When partnering with us, you’ll receive the most practical, realistic solutions that put emphasis on effectively helping you reach your goals. We steer clear of unnecessary features, ensuring your time and resources are invested where they truly matter.


At the core of our approach is a commitment to delivering tangible results tailored to your business goals. Before presenting any solution, we thoroughly assess its realistic impact on your objectives. This ensures that each proposal is thought out, offering a customized and cost-effective solution to your problems.

Business understanding

Our true value lies in our deep understanding of business dynamics and customer interactions. This insight translates to all our solutions which enables us to create visually compelling videos that not only catch the eye but also propel your business forward.


Having a client base worldwide, we understand the global context and various trends, enabling us to come up with innovative and unconventional solutions tailored to your unique problems and business goals.

Approach rooted in human behavior


The human brain is prone to distractions, making it easy to overlook crucial elements or lose interest in a video. Fortunately, human cognition is predictable, allowing us to strategically use diverse camera angles, perspectives, blurs, backgrounds, animations, zooms, and more to manipulate attention. Moreover, coupled with compelling power words in the script and a captivating voiceover, your video will leave a lasting impression.


The immense influence of emotions on decision-making is a powerful aspect that people often overlook. Through script crafting with emotionally resonant words, a compelling voiceover that conveys feelings, and theme-appropriate music that enhances the mood, the video will tug at the heartstrings of your target audience. The final video will resonate not only rationally but also emotionally.


You invest in a video to achieve a specific goal, whether it’s to get more leads, raise brand awareness, explain your product, or something else. To deliver measurable results, it’s essential that the video is aligned with your sales funnel and the performance is further optimized. That’s why we can produce videos with more CTA variations, integrate analytics, include subtitles, etc., all included in a single package without additional fees to test what works best and maximize the ROI on your investment.



Lynxvideos was tasked to create a 30sec marketing video for our new product. They absolutely crushed it and delivered a high quality video that is straight to the point, visually appealing, and was done fast. I was impressed by the quality of the video and the communication.

Javier Montoya

CEO & Founder Lasvibras, Seattle, US


Lynxvideos delivered a high-quality, engaging video, which received positive feedback from the target audience. The team impressed us with their eagerness to go the extra mile to ensure our satisfaction and their out-of-the-box ideas that enhanced and brought our vision to life.

Ross Chipperfield

Director, UBInfrastructure, London, UK


Lynxvideos delivered the video on time and within budget. The team was responsive to the needs, questions, and requests. They communicated efficiently via virtual meetings and email. Overall, Lynxvideos produced a good video at a reasonable cost. I would highly recommend Lynxvideos to anyone!

Rylan Evans

CEO & Founder Sport Simple Stats, Utah, US


Manh and his team at Lynxvideos were extremely professional and responsive in working with the Markd Global team. They partner with you to create animated videos that convey a clear message to your audience. They have fine-tuned their process to ensure you have a brilliant result in the fastest time.

Sibon Schouten

Marketing Director & CMO at Markd Global, AU

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